Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Board Development


We believe all organizational success flows from strong leadership and a strong Board of Directors. We would be delighted to submit a proposal to assist you in building your Board to become the board of choice for leaders in your community.

We can:

Review board meeting minutes and the Code of Regulations (by-laws); make recommendations on revisions or suggestions, as necessary; and attend Board meetings as you wish.

Prepare and facilitate board trainings in parliamentary procedures, basic process and best practices including the need for succession planning, the role of the board and its committees, board meeting process, and votes required as well as board development and engagement.

Work with the Board Development committee to matrix map current Board members, identify gaps and create a prospect list for new Board members; review and assess current committee structure, including a discussion of prospective non Board committee members, as allowed.

Prepare a detailed Board Development Plan.