Tuesday, December 01, 2020

All organizational success flows from a strong Board of Directors. Are you attracting the Board members you want? Non Profit Evolution can work with your Governance Committee to create a plan to attract and retain strong Board members, which will in turn attract donors allowing you to build a strong staff and ensure a strong organization

Dani Robbins is a tenured Executive Director who has mentored new Executive Director for years, providing confidential coaching and honest feedback.

Dani Robbins is a professional polished facilitator. Is there a question or issue you are trying to address or resolve? Non Profit Evolution can work with your Board, staff or team is to structure the process and guide the discussion to a positive outcome..


Where are you going and how will you get there? Does your organization have a road map including goals, action steps, and assignments for the next 3-5 years? Non Profit Evolution can work with your team to create a plan to design and align your work and articulate your organization's path.


Social Justice works to change systemic issues. Non Profit Evolution is dedicated to working with community leaders to set a path, align the work and improve communities. We believe that in partnership we can get further, faster.

Are donors giving you money or investing in the future of your clients? Non Profit Evolution can work with your team to create a plan to cultivate investors and grow the level of their gifts.




Dani Robbins is a sought after speaker and thought leader. From board governance to leadership to organizational development, Dani can engage an audience, paint a picture, tell a story and remind your team why they do this work and how it changes your corner of the world.

Do you wish you had another senior staff member to hand high level projects? What could you accomplish if you had a strategic thinker on a contract, project or monthly basis? Dani Robbins has recommended and later created strategic solutions to meet a variety of nonprofit needs. She can work with your team, and your budget, to fill in your leadership gaps and help you move your organization forward.

Are the systems in your organization working together to uphold your organizational values? Or are they working against you? Non Profit Evolution can assess you current systems and, if necessary, make suggestions and recommendations to improve your processes and, with it, the culture of your organization.